Are You Being Served? Again!

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Are You Being Served? Again!

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Grace Brothers
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Their hilarious antics in the Grace Brothers' Department Store entertained millions of viewers around the world. Now five of the original cast members are reunited for a brand new uproarious series which sees them adapting to life in the heart of the English countryside. The sad demise of the nonagenarian "Young" Mr. Grace while scuba diving in the Caribbean with his nubile nurse, Miss Lovelock, has meant the closure of Grace Brothers' store. The remaining staff and fellow beneficiary, Miss Lovelock, discover that the remains of the pension fund is a Tudor Manor House which is being run as a country hotel.

A trip to the 16th-century building confirms their worst fears- they are the only guests and the place is going to rack and ruin. The only staff left are local yokel Farmer Moulterd and his naive but willing young daughter Mavis. Over dinner the former colleagues decide to chip in and make a go of the establishment where they can at least live rent free. And so as the 'city slickers' try to adapt to 'county ways', there are a whole host of new and riotous situations ahead.

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Plot Summaries

First series

#1. Young Mr. Grace has died and the store has closed. On behalf of the Pension Fund Mr. Grace acquired a Tudor Manor house with farm, in the village of Great Tender - which at the moment is being run as a Country House Hotel. Being the only source of pension money for the Grace Bros. staff, they all decide to visit for the weekend to investigate its possibilities. Mr. Humphries receives a surprise in the bedchamber, and we find that Mrs. Slocombe isn't as cosmopolitan as she would like us to think!
#2. The staff decide to take over Millstone Manor and run it for themselves to try and make a profit. The home farm, run by Morris Moulterd and his daughter Mavis, provides fresh eggs for breakfast, but Mrs. Slocombe gets a shock whilst collecting them. Captain Peacock and Mrs. Slocombe set off for the village on Mr. Moulterd's pony and trap and end up in police custody when Mrs. Slocombe attempts to shift a Gypsy cart that blocks the road. Mr. Humphries and Mavis "to-and-fro" in the woodshed, and Mrs. Slocombe's pussy, Tiddles, disrupts the local fox hunt.
#3. Mrs. Slocombe finds herself in court charged with stealing a gypsy cart and speeding in it. Jessica Lovelock offers Captain Peacock a lift to court on her bike but he declines after a demonstration and travels with the others on the back of Moulterd's pig cart. Once in court the staff as character witnesses come forward.
#4. A group of American tourists, the hotel's first guests, are due to arrive at the weekend but there are still very few replies to Mr. Rumbold's advert for staff. The only alternative is for them all to knuckle down and try to make the place presentable. Mr. Humphries exhibits his natural talent for ratting drains. The staff teasel the sheets, and interview the two applicants who replied to Mr. Rumbold's help-wanted ad.
#5. A photograph is organized for the hotel brochure and Miss Lovelock offers to share her wide experience in hotels as the staff prepare for their new roles. The staff decide to fill the vacant positions at the Manor themselves, and have their photo taken for an advertising brochure. Something ghastly (with a bald head and big ears) walks about the Manor on a dark and stormy night.
#6. A group of American tourists arrive for the weekend as part of their European tour. The ex-shopworkers do their best to make their guests feel at home but little do they realize that they are also expected to provide the cultural entertainment as well as the Americans are expecting a church service and the traditional Harvest Thanksgiving Dance. Mr. Enberg's dentures are retrieved from the goat's trough.

Second Series

#1. Mrs. Slocombe's pussy gets gummed up. A gun discovered by Captain Peacock brings the riot police to Millstone Manor, where the criminal records of such notorious characters as "Knuckles Rumbold" are revealed.
#2. The staff organize a cricket match against the townspeople. The match is marred by jealousy of Malcom Heathcliff, who sees Mr. Humphries as a competitor for Mavis' affections. The highlight of the match is a fantastic dive by Mrs. Slocombe, and the winning stroke of Mr. Humphries.
#3. Mrs. Slocombe's long-lost husband pays an unexpected visit after an absence of 42 years, forcing Mrs. Slocombe into hiding. After the staff find that he intends to purchase the hotel they temporarily expand the staff to make the idea seem unprofitable.
#4. Mr. Rumbold, Mrs. Slocombe, Mr. Humphries and Miss Brahms plant potatoes. Captain Peacock removes a petrified pussy from a niche in the attic, precipitating a series of supernatural events.
#5. A Mongolian tour group gets a cultural extravaganza from the staff at Millstone, highlighted by ballet by Mr. "Sergei" Humphries and Miss "Natasha" Lovelock and other selections.
#6. After Mr. Rumbold complains that he gets no respect, the staff vote to share authority democratically. The staff play darts against the local team at the village pub. Captain Peacock leads a commando raid to rescue a flock of sheep.

Cast List

Writers- David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd
Producer/Director- Mike Stephens
Appearing in all episodes:
Mr. Humphries -- John Inman
Mr. Rumbold -- Nicholas Smith
Miss Brahms -- Wendy Richard
Captain Peacock -- Frank Thornton
Mrs. Slocombe -- Mollie Sugden
Mr. Moulterd -- Billy Burden
Mavis Moulterd -- Fleur Bennett
Jessica Lovelock -- Joanne Heywood
Appearing in a few episodes:
Miss Prescott (Mr. Thorp's secretary) -- Shirley Cheriton
Mr. Thorp -- Michael Bilton
Joseph Lee (Gypsy cart driver) -- Andrew Joseph
Sir Robert (magistrate) -- Eric Dodson
Miss Littonwood (lady magistrate) -- Diane Holland
Malcolm Heathcliff -- Andrew Barclay
Mrs. Clegghampton -- Maggie Holland
Mr. Frobisher (tour agent) -- Gregory Cox
Other players:
Mr. Slocombe -- Donald Morley
Mr. Thorp's assistant -- Penny Gonshaw
Jesse (cricket player) -- Joe Hobbs
Tourist -- Leonard Lowe
Fox hunt "whipper-in" -- Martyn Townsend
Court Bailiff -- Roger Winslett
Court Clerk -- James Walker
Constable (in court) -- Geoffrey Greenhill
Mr. Volpone (job applicant) -- Gordon Peters
Posh driver -- Jeremy Lloyd (Yes, the writer.)
Mr. Maxwell (photographer) -- Paul Cooper
Miss Long Wee (Mongolian interpreter) -- Akemi Otani
Inspector (riot police) -- Roger Sloman
Riot police -- Steve Whyment, Richard Lumsden, Steve Edwin
Museum ticket agent -- Roger Avon
Museum curator -- Patrick Fyffe
Percy (village policeman) -- Nick Scott
Sam (bartender in pub) -- Colin Edwynn
Henry Heathcliff (Malcolm's dad) -- Paul Humpoletz
Tiverton resident in pub -- Martin Friend
The Heathcliff's family dog -- Shirley Brahms

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